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italian food question

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Cheese Per lb
Provolone - Grande Domestic Mild $4.19
Provolone - Grande Domestic Aged $6.19
Provolone - Vantia Imported $8.29
Fontinella - Stella / 10 lb. Wheel $6.69
Incanestrato - Mannoni / Grating $13.99
Caciocavallo - Vantia / Eating and Grating $13.99
Asiago - Stella / Mild 1/2 Wheel or Aged Whole Wheel $6.49
Parmigiano Reggiano Parmesan (Imported) Grated or in Wheels $14.99
Parmesan (Domestic) Grated or in Wheels $6.99
Pecorino Romano - (Imported) Grated or in Wheels $6.89
Mozzarella - Whole Milk / Part Skim / Bricks or Shredded


Romano - (Domestic) Grated or in Wheels Call
Tuma - 1 lb. Package Call
Mascarpone - 1lb. Package Call
Gorgonzola - (Blue cheese) Stella 10 lb. Wheel Call
Ricotta- Imported / Domestic Call
Feta- Domestic (Goat Milk) 25 lb. Tub Call
Montery Jack - Bricks or Shredded Call
Cheddar - Bricks or Shredded Call
Muenster - Bricks Call
Shredded Blends From Grande Call
Taleggio Call
Gorgonzola Dolce Verdi Call
Deli Meats Per lb
Capicollo - Imported / Mild and Hot $6.99
Dilusso - Genoa Salami $6.39
Mortadella - Imported from Italy $5.49
Imported Parma Prosciutto $16.99
Homemade Italian Sausage $3.19
Homemade Spiedini $8.50
Capicollo- Domestic / Mild Call
Coppa- Volpi / Sweet and Hot Call
Ham Roll Call
Mortadella with Pistachio Call
Pancetta Call
Pepperoni- Stick or Sliced Call
Prosciutto Call
Prosciuttino Call
Salami - Swift Brand Call
Volpi - Salami Products Call
Olive Oils
Antica Italia - 3 liter $28.95
Antica Italia - 1 liter $12.95
Antica Italia - 1/2 liter $7.49
Bertolli Pure - 3 liter $18.95
Berio Pure - 3 liter $17.49
Berio Extra Virgin - 3 liter $24.95
Celio Pure - 3 liter $17.79
Francesconi Extra Virgin - 1 gallon $39.95
Merro Pure - 1 gallon $19.95
Bellagio Extra Virgin - 1 gallon $31.95
Sapio Extra Virgin - 1 liter Call
Salad Oil - 5 gallon. Call
Liquid Shortening - 5 gallon Call
Pastorelli Cameo Salad Oil - 4/1 gal. Call
Over 50 Different Olive Oils Call
Balsamic Vinegars 4 years old $3.99
Balsamic Vinegars 100 years old $139.95
Ambrosia Raspberry Vinegar -1 lt. Call
Ambrosia Balsamic Vinegar - 16.9 oz. to 5 liters Call
Balsamic Vinegar 6 year and 12 year - 17 oz., 8.5 oz. & 1.5 liter Call
Raspberry vinegar - 17oz. Call
Pastorelli Red Wine Vinegar -1 pint, 1  qt.& 1 gallon Call
Cuputo Red Wine Vinegar - 1 gallon Call
Pompeian Red Wine Vinegar - 16 oz., 1/2 gallon & 1 gallon Call
Roland Balsamic Vinegar - 1 qt. & 5 liters Call
Musco Sliced Black Olives Call
Green Pitted Deli Olives Call
Colossal Green Olives Call
Black Greek Olives  Call
Calamata Olives Call
Pitted Calamata Olives Call
Tomato Products
Bonta Pizza Sauce Call
Bonta Extra Heavy Puree Call
Emma Bella Spaghetti & Marinara Sauce Call
Full Red Paste Call
Full Red Puree Call
Full Red Tomato Filets Call
Full Red Tomato Magic Call
II Migliore Peeled Pear Tomatoes Call
Pagliacci Peeled Pear Tomatoes Call
Pagliacci Puree  Call
Pagliacci Paste Call
Pastorelli Pizza Sauce Call
Cento, Crushed, Peeled and Whole Tomatoes Call
Bellino Italian Tomatoes Call
Antica Italia Whole Italian Tomato Call
Pomi Tomato Puree in a Box Call
Domestic and Imported Pasta Sauces Call
San Marzano Tomatoes Call
Don Peppe - 1 lb. bags 20 lb. case Call
Delverde - 1 lb. bags 20 lb. case Call
De Cecco - 1 lb. boxes 20 lb. case Call
Columbia - 1 lb. boxes 12 lb. case Call
Please call or email us for other fine Italian products like: Flour, Nuts, Beans, Spices, Deli Trays and Gift Baskets

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