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italian food question
italian food question

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To order our fine Italian specialty foods you can complete the form below, print an order form and mail/fax or you can call us at 414-271-1720 to order.

For payment we accept Master Card, Visa, PayPal or Money Order. 

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Freight and shipping will be added to the order at time of shipment. All cheese and deli meat orders must be delivered in two (2) days or less (air freight will be used where required). 

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Product Size Price Qty
Provolone - Grande Domestic Mild lb $4.19
Provolone - Grande Domestic Aged lb $6.19
Provolone - Vantia Imported lb $8.29
Fontinella - Stella / 10 lb. Wheel lb $6.69
Incanestrato - Mannoni / Grating lb $13.99
Caciocavallo - Vantia / Eating and Grating lb $13.99
Asiago - Stella / Mild 1/2 Wheel or Aged Whole Wheel lb $6.49
Parmigiano Reggiano Parmesan (Imported) Grated or in Wheels lb $14.99
Parmesan (Domestic) Grated or in Wheels lb $6.99
Pecorino Romano - (Imported) Grated or in Wheels lb $6.89
Deli Meats      
Capicollo - Imported  (Mild) lb $6.99
Capicollo - Imported  (Hot) lb $6.99
Dilusso - Genoa Salami lb $6.39
Mortadella - Imported from Italy lb $5.49
Imported Parma Prosciutto lb $16.99
Homemade Italian Sausage lb $3.19
Homemade Spiedini lb $8.50
Olive Oils      
Antica Italia  3 liter $28.95
Antica Italia  1 liter $12.95
Antica Italia  1/2 liter $7.49
Bertolli Pure   3 liter $18.95
Berio Pure  3 liter $17.49
Berio Extra Virgin  3 liter $24.95
Celio Pure  3 liter $17.79
Francesconi Extra Virgin  1 gallon $39.95
Merro Pure  1 gallon $19.95
Bellagio Extra Virgin  1 gallon $31.95
Balsamic Vinegar 4 years old 3.3 oz $3.99
Balsamic Vinegar 100 years old 17 oz $139.95

S&H will be added to your order. For Wisconsin Residents sales tax will be added.



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